This is a survey of Rick Fisher’s body of work in a wide range of media over five decades (1968–present). It includes his pioneering environmental, countercultural earth castings; monumental solar-aligned public sculptures of recycled steel artifacts and concrete; gallery and museum installations; ceramic, bronze, and mixed media sculptures; illustrated publications; and two-dimensional works including drawings, paintings, prints, digital composites and photo-based installations. His conceptual directions explore cosmology, sacred geometry, visual/perceptual illusion, self-actualization, and formal stylistic developments throughout the history of art.

Fisher’s work reflects a consuming interest in the power of art to expand consciousness and awareness, thereby enhancing the human experience. Motivated by this belief, he finds inspiration in the boundless variety of form and dynamic processes of the natural world and we who are part of it. He is also fascinated by how we perceive and interpret form, at times creating works that challenge our perception in order to trigger surprise and open new channels of emotion and enlightenment.

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