Richard Carrell (Rick) Fisher was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1943. He was introduced to art at an early age by his mother, an amateur painter, and was showing his work at local exhibitions by the age of 14. Following a BA in art at Trinity University in Texas, where he studied sculpture with Philip John Evett, Fisher earned an MA degree at the University of New Mexico. There, he worked with former WPA artist Charles Mattox and with printmakers from the Tamarind Institute. Fisher’s terminal (MFA) degree at the Boston Museum School brought him into contact with prominent national and international artists whose interests he shared.

Rick Fisher practiced the dual career of a teacher-artist, with the goal of passing on his passion for the arts and education to others and, through his curatorial work, creating opportunities for emerging artists who might otherwise have been overlooked. He taught at the University of New Mexico, Boston Museum School, Framingham State College, the College of Santa Fe, and the Institute of American Indian Arts. He now devotes full time to his art practice.

Artist Statement

Over the course of my formal study of art, my practice came to focus on art works like those created since the beginning of human history to functionally catalyze, document, and connect us to each other and to the natural cycles and processes of which we are a part. Remaining free from any one particular form or material, I have explored this common theme over the years across a diverse array of media: castings of ephemeral sand patterns from beaches and dry riverbeds, solar-aligned site-specific installations and monumental sculptures constructed from recycled industrial artifacts, paintings and prints incorporating the sacred shapes used in my sculptures to provoke meditation on larger systems.

From 1967 to 2011 I enjoyed the dual career of teacher/artist, at all levels from elementary school to graduate school. Living in a rural village in the mountains of Northern New Mexico as a young man, I also served as an Artist-in-Residence at area high schools, taught at UNM's Northern Branch colleges, and produced projects raising awareness of traditional folk artists and their culture. Later, in addition to ongoing teaching in higher education to propagate future generations of artists, I founded and directed for eighteen years The Sculpture Project, an annual public exhibition at the College of Santa Fe. The project sought to introduce and support the work of sculptors, especially those from otherwise underrepresented groups in the city’s arts scene.

The inspirations of my artistic practice also found an outlet in published works, including The Solar Greenhouse, an educational guide to constructing solar greenhouses, and a children’s book, Adventure to Eco Earth, championing the spirit of climate preservation. Having been around for three-quarters of a century (2018), I am now focusing on working through as many new ideas and forms as possible by creating smaller pieces. Though many of them touch upon important cultural and environmental issues, I‘m also having fun, commenting on every-day existence, and building on ancient and innovative wisdom.

Curriculum Vitæ


1978            MFA Sculpture and Installation Art, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

1972             MA Sculpture, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

1971             BFA Studio Art and Art History, University of Texas, Austin, TX

1968             BA Studio Art, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX

1965             Summer Study: Studio Art and Art History, Fine Art School of Florence, Italy

1963             Summer Study: Pre-Columbian Art, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico


Atlantic Richfield Company

Boston University

Danforth Museum

Southwest Land and Cattle Company

Trammell Crow Company

Brother Sun Company

Yanda Collection

William Maxon

College of Santa Fe

University of New Mexico


2008             Shaun McGlynn, sculpture exhibition, College of Santa Fe (CSF) Fine Arts Gallery and Tishman Sculpture Courtyard, Santa Fe, NM

                     Convergence III, collaborative sculpture exhibition by College of Santa Fe and Institute of American Indian Arts students, CSF Fine Arts Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2007             Paula Castillo Installations, CSF Visual Arts Center Courtyard, Santa Fe, NM

                     Recycled Forest, permanent student Earth Art Installation, CSF, Santa Fe, NM

                       Convergence II, collaborative sculpture exhibition by College of Santa Fe and Institute of American Indian Arts students, IAIA Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

                       Laura E. Wilson Retrospective Exhibition, CSF Fine Arts Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2006             Out of Hand, BA Thesis Exhibition, Marion Center, CSF, Santa Fe, NM

2005             Robert Gallegos: Flight of Fossils, Tishman Sculpture Court, CSF, Santa Fe, NM

                        Convergence I, Collaborative sculpture exhibition by College of Santa Fe and Institute of American Indian Arts students, CSF Fine Arts Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

                        Munson Hunt: New Sculpture, CSF Visual Arts Center Courtyard, Santa Fe, NM

1990–2008  The Sculpture Project, eighteen annual group exhibitions, CSF campus, CSF Fine Arts Gallery, Governors Gallery, and Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM


2017              Anudder Coloring Book: Launch Party, Show, Op Cit Books, Santa Fe, NM

2016             Temporary Installations Made for the Environment, New Mexico Arts, Axle  Contemporary

2016             Accidental Photography, Axel Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

2016             The Readymade: 100 Years Axel Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

2014             Currents International New Media Festival, El Museo Cultural, Santa Fe, NM

2013             The Warriors: A Love Story, Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM

2011             Art and Environment, Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM

                     Santa Fe Awards Exhibition, Santa Fe  Civic Center Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2010             EX-EX IV, La Tienda Gallery, El Dorado, NM

2009             The Monotype, Past and Present, Santa Fe Civic Center Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2008             Collect Eight, Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM

                       Painting & Sculpture, Collector’s Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2007             EX-EX III, Santa Fe, NM

2006             EX-EX II, Santa Fe, NM

2005             Collect Five, Center of Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM

2004             Selected Sculptors of the Southwest, New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM

                       Ballot Box, Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM

1990–2004   Monothon, annual printmaking exhibition, SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe Art Institute, CSF Fine Arts Gallery, Tishman Studios, Santa Fe, NM

2003             Small Works, Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM

                         Duct and Cover, Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM

2002             Veterans Wounded for Life Memorial (co-finalist, Michael Naranjo), Washington, D.C.

2001             New Work, Santa Fe, NM

2000             Past, Present, Future, College of Santa Fe Fine Arts Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1997–2000  Trade Show, annual exhibitions, Greer Garson Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1998             Sabbatical Exhibition, CSF Fine Arts Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1997             Pentecost Sculpture, Saint Francis Cathedral, Santa Fe, NM

1990–2001 Art Faculty Show, annual exhibitions, CSF Fine Arts Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1991             Mile of Sculpture, public art exhibition, Santa Fe, NM

                     Collaborative Impressions, Greer Garson Theater Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1990             Small World, New Mexico Sculptor’s Guild, Santa Fe, NM

1989             Animals and Toys, Gallery at the Rep, Santa Fe, NM

1987             Artists Against WIPP, Gallery at the Rep, Santa Fe, NM

1984             Matrix, Danforth Museum, installation, Framingham, MA

1983             Sanctuary, installation and performance, Lopoukhine-Nayduck Gallery, Boston, MA 

1981–82       Animals, BostonVisual Artist’s Union Gallery, Boston, MA

1980             EcoAnimals, Newark Museum, Newark, NJ

                     Three Spaces: Three Visions, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA

1979             Annual Exhibition, Boston VisualArtist’s Union, Boston, MA

1978             Interface, Cohen Fine Arts Center, Tufts University, MA

                     Current Charts, Chosen Lands, Wright State University, Dayton, OH

                     New Talent, Sunne Savage Gallery, Boston, MA

1975             Biennial, New Mexico Museum of Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

1968             Hemisfair, World’s Fair mural project, San Antonio, TX


2015-16       Timepeace, stone and earthwork, Santa Fe, NM

2012             Solar Shrine XI, stone, earthwork, plantings, Santa Fe, NM

1989             Pacifica Sunportal II, concrete, steel, Long Beach, CA

                     Victoria Triad, concrete, steel, LongBeach, CA

                     North Star Windows, fabricated brass,Monrovia, CA

1988            Pacifica Sunportal I, concrete, steel, Long Beach, CA

                    Monrovia Sunshapes, concrete, earthworks, Monrovia, CA

1987            Solstice Arch, concrete, steel, Monrovia, CA

                     Solar Arcs, aluminum, Denny's World Headquarters, Anaheim, CA

                       Sunhenge Park, recycled steel and earthworks, Los Angeles, CA

1986            Zambrano Sunwheel, recycled steel and earthworks, Los Angeles, CA

                     Solar Tone Towers, architectural site installation, concrete, Los Angeles, CA

1985             Skylines, stainless steel, Commerce Business Park, Los Angeles, CA

1984             Sanctuary II, concrete, steel, Los Angeles, CA

1983             Eyebeam Sungate, steel and found objects, Los Angeles, CA

1982             Northlake Star Kite,  fabricated bronze, Pasadena, CA

                      Solar Wind Quintet, recycled steel, Commerce, CA

1981             The Solar Family, recycled steel and earthworks, Los Angeles, CA


2017             Yet Anudder Coloring Book, Rick Fisher Art

2017              Anudder Coloring Book, Rick Fisher Art

2014              Adventure to Eco Earth: Eco Animals, co-author Lisa Gray Fisher, Rick Fisher Art

2004             Santa Fe Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, for service to the community

2003             “Duct and Cover,” Pasatiempo, February 5.

2000             “Past, Present, Future,” Pasatiempo, January 28.

1990–2000  Reviews of annual Sculpture Project exhibitions, Pasatiempo and The magazine

1986             “The Eve of Postpartum.” The Father’s Book, ed. Kort and Friedland, G.K. Hall & Co.

1981             “Animals Show,” Boston Globe, June 7.

1980             “Eco-Animals at Newark Museum,” New York Times, July 15.

                      “Three Visions,” Christian Science Monitor, April 12.

1978             “Current Charts, Chosen Lands,” Dayton Herald Examiner, March 5. 

1976              The Solar Greenhouse, co-author Bill Yanda, John Muir Publications.

1975              National Endowment for the Arts, grant for educational Santeros Norteños project

1974–75        National Endowment for the Humanities, grant for bilingual book, El Valle


2009–2011   Institute of American Indian Arts (NM), Adjunct Professor

1987–2008   College of Santa Fe (NM), Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor,

                       Head of Sculpture Program (’90–’08), Tenured (’97), Acting Chair (’99–’00)

1979-84        Framingham State College (MA), Instructor, Assistant Professor

1979              Boston School of the Museum of Fine Arts (MA), Adjunct Instructor

1975–78       Mass Bay Community College (MA), Adjunct Instructor

1973–75       University of New Mexico Northern Branch (NM), Adjunct Instructor

1973–75       Peñasco, Questa, and Costilla High School (NM), Artist-in-Residence Instructor

1970–72       University of New Mexico (NM), Teaching Assistant

1967–69      Edgewood Elementary (TX), Classroom Teacher (5th and 6th grades)

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