Living in El Valle, NM in 1972, I founded and directed a project funded by the New Mexico Arts Commission to promote traditional Santeros in Northern New Mexico. The project resulted in this publication, Santeros Norteños, that I photographed, designed and produced. The artists also celebrated an opening exhibition of their work in Peñasco, NM, and contributed to the tradition by teaching a class at the Peñasco High School. 

   The following year, I served as a Visiting Artist in several Northern NM public schools: Peñasco, Costilla, Santa Cruz, and Questa, (where I started their art program), while also teaching college art night classes for the University of New Mexico's Northern Branch College system. 

The Solar Greenhouse, first published by John Muir Pubs in 1975 and republished by Echo Press in 2017, was an early counter-cultural, environmental DIY book co-authored with the late Bill Yanda in Santa Fe, NM. I also illustrated much of the book with 

pen and ink drawings. The original publication sold over 100,000 copies and was translated into French and German language editions. Please see:

From the early 1970's to the present, I have developed the idea of an idyllic, environmentally balanced world, Eco Earth, whose residents are fanciful animals that demonstrate sustainable, alternate energy attributes. These "Eco Animals" have been the subject of my pen and ink drawings, digital compositions, sculptures and a children's eBook: Adventure to Eco Earth, co-authored with my wife Lisa Gray Fisher. Please see:

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In 2017 I published Anudder Coloring Book, and Yet Anudder Coloring Book, illustrated by drawings that incorporate what I call "Ambiguous Solids." Also featured in the previous digital illustration from Eco Earth (left), they are spatial illusions that question what is solid and what is not, and are meant to trigger surprise and perhaps insight into what matter is (versus what is pure energy, consciousness). In part, this refers to Quantum Theory, elements of which suggest that everything in the universe is directly connected in a living matrix of (dark?) energy.

  The following introduction explains why the udderly sublime subject matter of the coloring books was chosen (aside from its very punny literary value). To purchase the coloring books, please go to:

Right: Exhibition catalogue from a solo show at Wright State University in Dayton Ohio (1978), that included an installation of Earth Castings on one floor and large Eco-Animal drawings in the upper mezzanine. The catalogue also included 54 line drawings from my sketchbook at the time, several of which deal with "ambiguous solids," solar design, migration, and other musings related to directions in my work that continue today. All are extant, and 8.5" X 10.5"

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