The first few photos are from El Valle, New Mexico, where my wife Lisa and I established a home and studios in 1972. The welcoming neighbors and dramatic Truchas mountains provided an ideal environment for our work (please see El Valle Drawings and Sculpture Series). The next group of photos are from a collaboration with our son, Eliot Gray Fisher, for a full-dome video projection, part of the Currents New Media Festival at the Institute of American Indian Arts in 2016. These are followed by my “Prague Glass” project from 2009, which explored the beauty of distortions created by old glass. Several of these photos were later used in The Warriors: A Love Story, a multimedia performance by ARCOS Dance at Santa Fe’s Center for Contemporary Arts (2013). Other photos echo themes and interests that run through all of my work: dualism, natural processes, and qualities of light, 

The next series of photos are digital composites of many archival images of Dresden, Germany, before and after the bombing of that city by Allied powers in WWII. They were  projected as part of "The Warriors," a multi-media performance by the Arcos Dance Company at the CCA in Santa Fe (date). Other projected images were from my "Prague Glass" photos of (2013).

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