This ongoing project (2015-present) of small bronze sculptures cast from wax originals was inspired by Alexander Calder’s circus series of small steel and wire acrobats, animals, and the like. My subjects include acrobats, arroyo muses, dancers, Classical and imaginary mythological figures, riddles, plus real and invented (alien?) animals. Another distinct group of the bronzes references art historical figures, styles and content. Most of the pieces may be shown in multiple positions (i.e. upside down, on a side, right side up, and so forth). This continuing interest in interactive art also led to third and fourth groups, the “Blazing Chariots” and “Rockers,” which like to do what their names imply. At this time (in life) I enjoy working through a broad range of ideas, styles, and forms quickly at this scale. Though all could be considered maquettes for larger pieces, I may well have met the lifetime limit of my carbon footprint (unless or until humans transition to sustainable, environmentally-friendly power and materials).

An earlier maquette for a yet-unbuilt solar shrine (1975) included diminutive celebrants (precursors  to later bronzes) on an ocean overlook in Santa Barbara, and included realtime audio feeds between migrating whales and artists attempting inter-species collaborations and with them. Anyone out there want to help get it done? If so, message me.

Prior smallish personal sculptures celebrated the births of our kids, Kristina and Eliot; others were  discrete pieces and preliminary studies for the Eco Animals.

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